Lag Fix Mobile Legends

If there is a problem on the most popular MOBA mobile based game, Mobile Legends, it is the lag issues that players experiencing. So it doesnt matter how good you are or if you work with the perfect item build we distributed for every hero, if you you have high latency (Ping / MS) it’ll result a beat.

Solving this case is challenging that a lot of MOBA video games experiencing. Even major game on Personal computer such as Little league of Legends exceptional problem. For the reason that the cause differs from users to users then to server. There are several possibilities for this issue. What we should can do now could be to ensure that the issue is not from our end. And to make it possible Im going to share to you some tips on how can you lower your latency in Mobile Legends that causes a lag.

Actually it is not only about your connection but there are some cases that it’s from the device you are employing or the issue is from FPS or frame rate for second. Since this is MOBA, unlike with other games you are playing, it consumes high amount of CPU/GPU from your gadget. In result it will cause a problem with your FPS and enable you to experience lag or we called it a display screen freeze from FPS drop.

We need first to learn our problem so we will get into repairing it. If you are experiencing lag in times that you are in middle of teamfight. This might be an FPS issue. This is part of the game where your device gets bunch high amount of CPU intake and if you are playing in low-end device, it’ll cause you a lag. If this is your case, we can say that is not about your connection but on these devices you are employing.

To solve it, you must up grade your gadget in order to lower your configurations to reduce CPU usage. Additionally it is good to do job one at a time or close other software aside from Mobile Legends.

This is also a major problem if you are playing Mobile Legends on PC using emulator. Emulator consumes plenty of CPU utilization and memory space so make sure you are playing on high end PC in case you are running the game with emulator.

Now in case that you have different issues from FPS, as if you are sure are playing on high-end device but still experiencing lag, it is obviously from your connection inside your device and video games server. I noticed most players stating they have 10Mbps or 100Mbps but still they may be experiencing lag. Well actually latency doesnt execute a great deal with your bandwith. Bandwith is a transfer rate but what we should are talking here’s how your device and server response for each demand through your connection. And there are several factor for this such as server location, server availability and user availability.

Mobile Legends is international based game. Meaning the server location is not local as well as with users. Players are from globally. Can you imagine how they can handle 10 players came from different countries and sync it into one server. If local MOBA experiencing lag such as League of Legends and Dota 2, how much for Mobile Legends that host players from different area of the world.

For server availability, this is if the server is experiencing traffic. Perhaps you have noticed that there’s a common amount of time in game where you experiencing lag. For the reason that the server is offering spike of users.


Now if that is your case, what we should can do to lessen lag will be the following:

*Play on hour with least users. If your server is Asia or those players under of GMT 8, you can play at the midnight or early morning wherein the server is in less stress. Dont play around 7Pm 10PM as this is the time that most users are playing. I believe it is not new for you to experience lag in these hours.

*Play with your friend or users locally. It will be easier for server to sync players under same location. It is like playing local game than playing in arbitrary players which is most severe if you are in Asia and you also get harmonized with NA players.

*Play with steady web connection. If you’re just playing the overall game using free data or Wi-fi from your neighborhood, you dont have a right to complain with connection. Make sure that your device has a priority in distributing bandwith from your modem.

*Disable automatic updates. This is a common issue for those players who experiencing sudden lag in game. Update of course will consume all available bandwith in your connection unless you have port forwarding. To try out it safe, disable all automated updates if you are playing Mobile Legends.

*Play on optimized server. If you’re from Asia, play on that server. If you’re from NA play on the server specified for where you are. It isn’t good notion to leap from different server with regard to match making. Yeah it is good to play on Asia as they have a good number of players and match making is fast. This is an issue before when the game is not yet popular as of today. Players are selecting server based on the number of players so they dont need to wait longer in queuing. Make sure you are playing the right server based on your region.

Thats most of what we should can do to lessen lag (latency / ping / ms) in Mobile Legends. And the others lets wish it on the server because they are promising that they can solve the problem. What we do here is to enhance located in our part and today its about time for the overall game to do their part.

Hero Tips for Mobile Legends

Hello everyone and pleasant to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(MLBB) guidelines guide. This guide was created to help you realize the technicians of Mobile Legends and present you some advice on a few of the personas you may use in the overall game. Also check out

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA style game that is very similar to games like League of Legend and Heroes of the Storm. So if youve ever played a MOBA game then youll pick and choose this one up really easily.

In the overall game you get harmonized with a team of 5 people so that as a team you interact to kill the enemies bottom. Youre placed on a map with 3 lanes and each street has a certain variety of turrets.

Your goal is to consider your minions through the lanes and kill each turret so you can get further towards the bottom. You can only attack turrets whenever your minions are of their range other sensible youll be targeted and take heavy damage.

The basic mechanics of the game are fairly simple and very easy to pick up on after one or two games. So were going to talk about the main draw of this game and thats the heroes.

Heroes of Rotation

Like most MOBAs, Mobile Legends has a good roster of individuals that you can choose from. At the start youre given a few heroes for free then you then have to acquire them through money.

Every hero has their own price and can be purchased with Battle Factors or Gems. Gems will be the currency you utilize real cash one while Battle Points receive each time you earn or lose a match.

At the start youre given a nice chunk of Fight Factors so depending how you play you could finish up buying up to two cheap heroes, one medium priced hero, or save up til you can buy one of the more expensive ones.

But putting the thought of currency aside you can still play as a few of the heroes through the hero rotation. Every week a new band of heroes becomes free so that you can play before week is up.

Using the hero rotation is an excellent chance to try out heroes and find out which ones you prefer. That way when their removed the rotation you can put your Fight Factors towards that specific hero cause you already know you like them.

Next were going to talk about the heroes themselves. I wont go over all of them just a few I think are some of the better heroes in the overall game and worth placing your factors towards.

Hero Layla

Now Layla is in fact the first hero youre given when you begin the game which means you dont have even to waste any points on her. And for being the default hero she is actually one of the best used.

Layla is a Marksman class so a ranged character making her very good for attacking turrets while the minions take all the heat. Shes also good for taking down foe heroes even if shes fighting close quarters.

Her skills are virtually ordinary range personality stuff. All are long range skills and each offer decent harm.

Her third skill, Devastation Rush, is where in fact the heavy damage lays. Using that on the hero is the best way to deal good damage and gets you a good opening to take them out.

So for the first free hero Layla is better than given credit for and definitely well worth a play.

Tips for Layla

  • You want to use the default item recommended build for her. It gives her life take, damage and some defense.
  • You want to use her to kite your enemies. To learn kiting, you want to attack, cast a spell, move your character forward or backwards and then attacking again. This is also known as animation canceling. Practice doing this and you will deal much more damage.
  • Her ultimate is utilized to be always a finisher when looking to snipe off operating enemies. It is advisable to utilize it when they have significantly less than 1/8 health for a guarenteed get rid of.

Hero Alucard

Alucard is a fairly interesting hero. Hes a Fighter class so hes best used in close quarters and is highly effective against both minions and Heroes.

He does great damage for his type and his skills give him an array of use depending on your play style. So if youre someone thats heading to press towards the target or if you want searching for other heroes he’s a fantastic choice for your.

Another great thing about Alucard is his life steal. He gets health back with each attack and his third skill Fission Wave increases that effect for a limited timeframe.

So if youre searching for a fighter then you wont get superior to Alucard.

Tips for Alucard

  • Alucard has great sustain and it is very ideal for long slow battles. He could possibly be the front series tank to absorb harm while your back again series attackers can offer damage.
  • Try never to employ more than 2 foes with no backup harm from your allies. He can tank decently, but only for a short period of time, epsecially against 2 opponents
  • He is also very viable in the jungle

Hero Fanny

Fanny is an Assassin type for close quarters fight and is a superb charge personality. Using her to charge to the target and take point is the most effective way to use her.

Her offense is excellent but she can be considered a little hard to get the hang up of. But put time into her and shes ideal for any player.

Shes just a little squishy and doesnt have a lot of strikes nevertheless, you can fix that through items during fits. Just build her up with good protection and health items with an assortment of harm ones and youll eventually find the build that works best for you.

Fannys third skill is also nothing to scoff at. Her basic attack leaves a Prey Marker on whatever hero she attacks.

Using her third skill deals a lot of damage on its own but using it on someone with a Prey Marker increases the harm by 20%. So if youre a person who likes working heavy harm and taking indicate the target then Fanny is perfect for you.

Tips for Fanny

  • Do not be the first ever to engage in battles. She is squishy and will get annihilated if focused on
  • Wait in the bushes, or on the wings and wait to kill back line targets like Layla or any high damage marksman.
  • Much like Layla, you want to learn computer animation canceling to land more regular episodes.

Bottom line

So I am hoping this guide was beneficial to any of you merely getting started. As I mentioned the basics of the overall game are extremely easy and simple to get the hang up of.

And if youre still hung up one which hero to use I highly recommend the three I mentioned above. But if youre still not sold always look to the hero rotation. Best way to test them out and find out who you like.

So enjoy fighting your way through hordes of minions and heroes. Until the next time.

Top Tips to Improve Your Skill Mobile Legends

Welcome to the very best 10 Mobile Legends tips that people have to give you. We are here to aid you in being better in the overall game! With so many heroes/individuals and lanes to choose from, it can get complicated and frustrating sometimes. Below are a few of the most valuable tips that has helped me level up and earning more video games!

Suggestion 1: Clear the Jungle together with your Ally

Most people would just go right to lane the moment the minions spawn. What most dont know is that you and your lane partner can kill 2 jungle creeps and arrive in lane for a level 2 advantage. That gives you the opportunity to get the first kill the moment you show up in lane. Ideally, you should operate a marksman with a support or tank that can indulge or have group control features to get an early on first kill.

Someone like Franco paired with a marksman like Layla or a mage like Alice would really decimate lane opponents when Franco is able to land a hook! You will also need to bring the execute battle spell to execute your enemy that is working from you.

Suggestion 2: Concentrate on Learning a Hero or Personality

For many beginners, it could be overpowering to keep learning new people, especially if you’ll still dont know the essential mechanics of the game.

For example, as Layla gets to max level, she is able to fire at towers without getting into tower range. That means she is great for turret sieges Together with your team. As long as she is guarded in leading, she can flame away and demolish towers quickly.

Fanny can maneuver around the map quickly with her chains and it requires a bit of practice to get used to her extreme flexibility. I have seen good Fanny players getting away with dying in situations where most players would accept their fate.

Francos hooks also requires a bit of practice to keep landing them. Sometimes, you have to gauge whether your enemy will try to juke your hooks or walk in a straight line. Most new players will walk in a straight line, but more experienced players will make use of side steeping ongoing to bushes to make your hooks harder to land.

Suggestion 3: Do Your Dailies

Everyday, when you login, you get 2 free chests. Each upper body will fill up every 4 hours, so you can get 1 new upper body every 4 hours. Each upper body will have experience, fight factors (BP), hero solution, emblems and magic dirt. These are all useful items to help you advance in the game. Make sure to login daily to get them!

Also, the medal chest reward gives you more goodies and you will need to play a couple of PvP matches to open that. Normally, 2 wins would allow you to open a medal chest. The medal chest will give you premium skin fragments, which allows you to buy a premium skin for a personality upon getting 100 of these.

Suggestion 4: Big Bosses: Turtle and Blue Knight (GOD, THE FATHER)

Often times, new players won’t pay too much focus on both of these bosses in the overall game. The turtle provides extra gold for your team as the Blue Knight is a solid employer that will force a street for you upon defeating him. You could have your complete team force with him and make an effort to get towers and finally the nexus.

Now, at lower levels, most people wont contest too much. However, in placed games, players will attempt to get every benefit they can and sneak in either the Turtle or Knight. The optimum time to do either goals is when you either ace the opposition team near to your foundation or when you catch 1 or 2 2 players out near the middle of the map.

Always get every benefit you can to boost your odds to earn the overall game!

Suggestion 5: Lane Pushing

This is an unknown concept to new players. You want your minion wave to build up so they build up and they’ll help siege the foe tower for you without you being there. To be able to build up a minion wave in your favor, you will need to destroy the challenger minion wave with your hero which means that your minions stay unharmed. Eventually, your minions will build up and a huge wave will form to help you press a street.

The simplest way to do it is when a huge minion wave of the opposing team forms. You use your hero to clear it and this reverses the procedure and you’ll begin to build your own minion influx. Once that is done, you can go support other lanes when you let the street you remaining do its magic.

Suggestion 6: Destroying Towers

Tower siege allows you to get closer to the foe nexus. Quite often, players will spend a lot of time trying to destroy foe players and neglect that your ultimate goal is to damage the foe nexus. An average newbie game will comprise players attempting to get high kill scores while ignoring tower kills. Take into account that when you perish to a tower dive to be too intense and wanting to kill the enemy, it opens up to a counter tower siege.

Only tower dive if you are way ahead of the enemy team or you are confident of killing them without dying. And we all know that most new players cant do calculated risks too well

Tip 7: Communicating with Your Team Mates

There are four buttons you can choose to use if you aren’t an easy typist on your tablet or mobile mobile phone. There is strike, retreat, group up and various short phrases to connect your point across. Here are what you can easily tell your teammates:

  • Well Played Say that whenever your teammate makes a good play
  • Attack god, the father Utilize this on endeavoring to kill god, the father (Only once you’ve gained at benefit against the foe team)
  • Rally and Force Call your teammates to group up
  • Demand Assistance Require support to guard or strike your foe
  • Clear the Lane Basically clearing minion waves to start a lane drive
  • Prepare for Team Battle! Gather up and battle a 5 v 5 battle!
  • Defend the High Floor Phoning your allies to protect your bottom

They are of help instructions to rally your team. Dont overlook it!

Tip 8: Grouping Up for Team Fights

After the laning stage, it will always be where your ally groupings up to siege towers. Most new players will just do their own thing, so that it is essential that you utilize communication pings to huddle everyone jointly for a team combat. This is an enjoyable experience to use the Plan Team Fight! command line to let your team know it is time to group up.

Also make sure to know your team placing in big 5 v 5 team battles. Being a marksman and assassin, you dont indulge until your frontline start first. Sometimes, the foe team will indulge first and you are pressured to battle them without your front side line tanking. If you don’t are far forward and can do some serious 1 v 3 or even more, you aren’t heading to out damage 3 people most of the time. Be wise and dont go too offensive, especially if you are a squishy marksman.

Tip 9: Praise Your Team Mates More

A lot of times, you may get upset at your team mates to make poor decisions and get captured out. Yelling or cussing at them wont do you or your team worthwhile. It doesnt donate to you earning more. Just quit placing down team mates.

Instead, compliment every small thing they are doing right. If indeed they group up with you, say good job. If indeed they get a get rid of, say nice! This instills self-confidence in your team and they’re more likely to make good decisions. Everybody wins and your odds of winning goes up as well.

Tip 10: Have Fun

Last but not least, concentrate on having fun rather than be too outcome reliant on whether you earn or lose. In MOBA video games, to be able to win, you’ll need to figure out how to take loss as well. Always look to improve your mechanics and learn from each game you play. Focusing on improving will make you a much better in the long run.